Join the Gild

Am I eligible to join?

You are able to join the Gild if you are the son or daughter of a Freeman. In order to join you will attend an investiture ceremony which is carried out by the Mayor of the City at the Guildhall; following investiture you will be admitted to the Freemen and will be accorded all rights and privileges associated with the Gild. If you are already an invested Freeman of the City of Lincoln and wish to join the Gild please complete the Gild Application Form. If you are eligible and wish to apply to be invested as a Freeman of the City of Lincoln please contact the President or Clerk to The Trustees (contact details can be found in “The Burgess”)     gild-application-form

You may also join as an Associate member if you are married to a Freeman who is a member of the Gild.      associate-member-application-form-to-become-an-associate-member

Tracing your family history

If you want to research your family’s history a good place to start is the Lincolnshire Archives.

Lincolnshire Archives

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 10am – 4pm

St Rumbold Sreet

Tel: 01522 782040


As a Freeman you pay a subscription fee of £10 per year. This entitles you to take part in all activities and events run by the Gild, and you will receive a copy of the Burgess newsletter keeping you up to date with the latest Freemen news and events. Lifetime memberships are also available by enquiry with the Treasurer.