Gild structure

Board of Trustees

The Trustees to the Freemen have the responsibility of checking the eligibility of those who wish to be invested as a Freeman.  This is hereditary only so must be down a bloodline.  There are 6 Trustees plus 4 elected by the council, including the current Mayor.  The Clerk to the Trustees (currently Kate Fenn) is elected by the Charity Commissioners for the Trustees.  The Clerk is responsible for the administration of the Trust, including requests for the election of Honorary Freemen, and the Senior and Junior Freemen’s Fund.  Each year, a number of Senior Freemen and Junior Freemen receive an annuity from the Trustees.  This again is their hereditary right and goes back a number of years.  To receive this annuity, the Freeman in question must reside within the City boundary.

The Clerk to the Trustees also liaises with the Civic Manager, and receives invitations from the Civic Manager to attend Civic Functions, such as the annual Battle of Britain service, or Armistice Day. The Trustees also wrote the history of the Freemen.

The Freemen’s Gild Committee

The Freemens’ Gild is the social side of the Freemen, and is administered by a committee of Freemen, comprised of 12 members plus the officers. The Gild is bound by a set of rules, which can be amended by committee vote. The committee officers and committee members are all elected for a period of 3 years. At every AGM, each committee member confirms if they wish to stand for a further year, up to a maximum of 3 years. Posts can be re-elected after this time if no one else wishes to take on the role.

Officers of the Gild

President – Stewart Bristow elected April 2017

Elected from the Gild as a Lifetime appointment or until resignation.  The President deals with the Civic side of the Freemen, liaising with the Civic Manager and The Clerk to The Trustees. The Civic Manager also retains a register of Freemen.

Past President – Tony Gadd

Served as President from 1982 to 2017 and continues to support the Gild as a member of the Committee

Master of the Gild – Angela Priestley-Gibbins elected 2017
Master – The Master of the Gild takes on the responsibility for chairing all committee meetings, and takes requests to the committee for discussion and approval.  The appointed person is elected by committee members.

Deputy Master – 
Deputy Master – Acts in the absence of the Master at meetings.

Secretary – Jean Priestley
Undertakes all administrative duties for the Gild, sending and replying to correspondence, and mailing out the minutes. The Secretary is also responsible for applications for Associate Membership of the Gild

Minutes Secretary – Jean Priestley

Treasurer – Vic Harrison
Deals with all financial aspects of the Gild including membership renewal and collection, lifetime memberships, donations both into and out of the Gild, annual accounts, and manages the bank accounts.

Membership Secretary – Carol Rogers – Maintains the register of current Gild members

ChaplainMr John Campbell, the Dean’s Verger at Lincoln Cathedral  was appointed as our Chaplain following Revd Canon Andrew Vaughan’s move to North Hykeham.

The Gild raises money for the Mayor’s chosen Charity and other local charities each year, as well as making donations to one off events, such as cleaning a memorial or helping to raise funds for a tank memorial in Lincoln.